[Do you want to put sugar in red dates?]

[Do you want to put sugar in red dates?]

Jujube tastes sweet and tastes unique. The jujube has more effects on the human body. For example, jujube can replenish blood, nourish the soul, and jujube can enhance the human body’s resistance. Many people choose jujube as a stuffing when packing dumplings.This makes the dumplings more nutritious and delicious. Many people do not know whether to put sugar in the dumplings. Do you want to put sugar in the red date dumplings?

Let ‘s take a look next.


Do jujube dumplings have sugar?
Because the glutinous rice itself is sweet, you don’t usually need to add sugar, and you can add some sugar after eating.


Notes on making jujube dumplings 1.

First of all, we know that the red dates in the Dragon Boat Festival are stored for a long time and are not fresh, so the red dates themselves are not “clean” at this time.


Earlier in the news, some people said that they had “food poisoning” when eating red dates. Some friends also felt exaggerated. In fact, there was no exaggeration at all. When they were eating red dates, they did not pay attention to food poisoning.


Usually, dates are transported through a sulfur fumigation process before being transported and stored.

This is mainly to extend the shelf life of red dates.


It should be noted that sulfur here refers to food-grade sulfur, not industrial sulfur. Sulfur fumigation will produce a small amount of sulfur dioxide and connect to the surface of red dates. These small amounts of sulfur dioxide are the culprits of “food poisoning”.


Some unscrupulous merchants use excessive sulfur fumigation in order to keep the storage time of jujube for a continuous period of time, which will inevitably lead to an increase in the amount of sulfur dioxide and the harm to the human body.


When using red dates to wrap dumplings, it is best to place the dates in a cool and ventilated place first to reduce the amount of sulfur dioxide.


Then soak it in water, wash it, and remove the dust on the surface of the red dates, so the harm to the human body will be much smaller.


Precautions People with a bad stomach are advised not to eat cold dumplings.