[How to make simple cream]_How to make_How to make

[How to make simple cream]_How to make_How to make

People use some sweets in their daily diet.

Among them, cakes are very popular desserts.

Especially some female friends who like to eat sweets, but some people may worry that the cream in the cake shop is not hygienic and hope to make the cream by themselves, but most people do n’t know how to make it.

So, what is the simple way to make cream?

First, what is the simple way to make cream?

Break up the 4 egg whites and break into this (that is, a few small bubbles above the egg white).

Put a little salt, a drop of white vinegar, a spoonful of sugar (the spoon is an ordinary small iron spoon), and continue to beat egg whites.

When it’s a little thick (just feel like the egg white you’re hitting is like the foam of a shower gel), add a spoonful of sugar and continue to beat.

After that, add a spoonful of sugar when it feels thicker than the egg white in step 3. Continue to beat for about 10 minutes after step 4. Try to use the eggbeater to stir up the egg white you beat.Standing up, your cream is ready.

Second, the method of making fresh whipped cream is very simple. Just have the patience to try to choose a large bowl when making cream, because when the egg whites are beaten, a lot of small momo on the egg white will slowly come out, which is cream.The amount of cream will be larger and larger, it may not be used up at one time, so parents can put the remaining cream in a tightly sealed fresh-keeping box (must have a package) or put it in a fresh-keeping bag and putTie the mouth of the bag and put it in the refrigerator.

The next time you use it again, you can pour it out. At this time, the cream that has begun to turn will become like egg white. You can use the eggbeater for about 3 minutes to turn it into the previous cream (this timeYou don’t need to add anything when you hit) What is the simple way to make cream?

Prepare the ingredients: flour, eggs, milk, salt, sugar, oil Note: This process can not be wet with a drop of water, the utensils are wiped dry and reused, beat the eggs according to the amount, I used 4 here, separated the egg white, and thenThe egg whites are stirred. In order to highlight the sweetness, put a little salt and a spoonful of sugar, and add a spoonful of sugar when it is thick. After about 15 minutes, it will become creamy, and the chopsticks will not fall. This processThe key is to play continuously for 15 minutes. It is not a joke, it is very painful, but do n’t give up!

?In the egg yolk, put two spoonfuls of sugar, three spoonfuls of pointed flour, and six spoonfuls of milk and stir.

Click on the rice cooker to preheat for 1 minute and take it out. If the pot is a little hot, you can pour it into the oil and evenly apply it to the pot to prevent sticking to the pot. Click the rice cooking button and it will automatically jump to the insulation level in about 2 minutes.At this time, cover the vent with a towel, suffocate for 20 minutes, and then press the rice cooking button, it will be OK after 20 minutes.