[How to make osmanthus rice cakes]_Homemade osmanthus rice cakes

[How to make osmanthus rice cakes]_Homemade osmanthus rice cakes

In the eyes of many people, cooking is so simple, but if you really want to do it yourself, you have no clue, and you can’t start.

The key is to make a dish.

Below, I will tell you about the specific method of osmanthus rice cake.


Beat the eggs into the leftover rice.

I used two eggs 2.

12 Put the right amount of milk powder 3.

21 put osmanthus right amount 4.

1 mix well 5.

2 put some powdered sugar 6.

It’s not the kind that is particularly dry, the one that is full of egg liquid. The state in the picture can be referred to. It is too dry and easy to loose, too much egg liquid and easy to loose, and the rice grains that cannot be fried are crispy.

Brush a thin layer of oil in the pot without turning on the fire 8.

1 Press down gently with a spoon.

2 Take a large spoon of egg liquid rice 10.

Then use a spoon to shape the dot as much as possible.

Fire for 5-8 seconds.

Turn to low fire again 12.

When the rice cakes are fried, they can move easily, and the egg liquid on the surface starts to condense.

Do not turn over in advance.

If you do n’t have enough time for frying, turn it over and cook on low heat. If you like crispy food, fry for a while13.

Prepared pancakes.

Hehe He usually wants to eat some food when he talks, at that time you must hate yourself for not cooking.

Now with the introduction of this article, you can make this osmanthus rice cake yourself.