[Can chocolate and hawthorn be eaten together]_ 山里 果 _Take together

[Can chocolate and hawthorn be eaten together]_ 山里 果 _Take together

Almost every girl especially likes to eat chocolate, and on some Valentine’s Day, chocolate has become the best choice for gifts, because chocolate is endowed with beautiful love, when we eat chocolate, the taste of chocolateSome bitterness, but he also has many dietary taboos, because it contains special substances, so can chocolate and hawthorn eat together?

Hawthorn food taboos should not be eaten on an empty stomach Hawthorn Hawthorn coagulating acid combined with gastric acid is easy to form stomach stones, and constantly accumulate or cause stomach ulcers, stomach bleeding and other diseases.

Pregnant women should not eat hawthorn Hawthorn has the effect of activating blood circulation and stasis, exciting the uterus, pregnant women may cause miscarriage.

Children should not eat hawthorn “Outline” records: “Hawthorn eats a lot of raw food, it is annoying and easy to heal, damage to teeth, dental caries is particularly inappropriate.”

Hawthorn contains a variety of acidic ingredients, and long-term consumption will erode the teeth, especially for children during tooth replacement.

Weak spleen and stomach should not eat hawthorn “Compendium of Materia Medica” records: “For those who have a weak spleen, foods are not digested, and chest and abdomen are sore and swollen, it is best to chew two or three pieces after each meal.
“People who suffer from hyperacidity should not eat hawthorn, which will stimulate gastric acid secretion. If people with hyperacidity eat hawthorn again, it will cause gastric mucosa to cause irritation, cause heartburn, reflux esophagitis, and aggravate gastric disease.

Chocolate is a more common type of food in our daily lives.

And chocolate is particularly rich in nutritional content, with high levels of protein and trace amounts.

Many people eat it as a snack, but you know what?

There are also dietary contraindications to eating chocolate. Some foods must not be eaten with chocolate. Today I will take you to see these 5 foods that cannot be eaten with chocolate. Come take a look.

1, milk milk and chocolate with food prone to diarrhea.

Milk is rich in protein and calcium, and chocolate contains oxalic acid. If mixed at the same time, the calcium in milk will combine with the oxalic acid in chocolate to form an insoluble calcium oxalate. It will not only be absorbed after consumption, but diarrhea will occur.Dry hair and other symptoms affect growth and development.

2. Because soda chocolate is a high-content, high-sugar and high-lactose food, it cannot be consumed with soda or fruit juices with high sugar content.

However, you can drink tea while eating chocolate, because the active ingredients in the tea can absorb the oil in the chocolate, thereby reducing the probability of food accumulation.

3, bread bread and chocolate with high blood sugar.

Bread and chocolate both contain sugar, especially for diabetics. If they eat the same food, it will cause a rapid rise in blood sugar after a meal.